International Law

BMT is proud of its international perspective. We use our local knowledge and expertise to advise international clients on the implementation of treaty obligations and contracts, and advise local companies entering into contracts governed by foreign law and on the choice of a foreign jurisdiction as a forum for dispute resolution.

We can also provide advice in the areas of both shipping and law of the sea. In these areas, we have qualified maritime law experts who can advise individuals, companies and States on issues relating to the law surrounding maritime zones, maritime boundary delimitation, the legal regime of islands, the international sea-bed area, the legal regime governing marine scientific research, the rights and obligations of landlocked and geographically disadvantaged states, the legal regime of Arctic and Antarctic, settlements of disputes, registration of vessels, ship building contracts, ship sale and purchase, security interest in ships, carriage of goods by sea, carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea, maritime labour, maritime safety and security, marine insurance, issues of limitation of liability for maritime claims, international marine environmental law, salvage, towage and pilotage.

Lawyers have published articles and papers on international law of the sea and we have lawyers experienced in international criminal law, having appeared in international tribunals and are on the list of Approved Counsel of the International Criminal Court.


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