Ramat Jalloh

Ramat Jalloh: Since being called to the Sierra Leone Bar in 2005, she has been in active legal practice at BMT LAW. Having obtained a Master of Laws Degree in International Maritime Law (with distinction) from the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), Malta, in May, 2012, she specializes and has extensive knowledge of maritime law, environmental law, mines and minerals law, property law and family law. She has been involved in drafting wide ranging complex international contractual agreements and also performs corporate secretarial functions.

Her work very often includes advising foreign persons and entities seeking to invest in Sierra Leone, particularly in the maritime sector and mining industry. In terms of property law she works on property acquisition and enforcing land rights. Ms. Jalloh has also dealt with a wide range of cases concerning adoption and care of children. She is an active member of LAWYERS (Legal Access through Women Yearning for Equality Rights and Social Justice) where she handles women and girl child rights issues.

In the midst of her busy practice, Ramat is now an Assistant Lecturer at the International Maritime Law Institute in Malta, where she has contributed to a number of publications in her specialist areas.

Mineral rights and natural resources law specialists
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